Privacy Policy



At ELECTROSAL we take the protection of our customers’ personal details very seriously. It goes without saying that we will never sell on your details and we only share them with a small number of companies essential to providing the service. The type of information we keep and what it is used for depends on why you gave us the data in the first place, as detailed in the paragraphs below:


If you have placed an order online then ELECTROSAL store the details of what was on the order, the delivery address and your contact details as this is all required so we can meet the contractual requirements of fulfilling the order. Your address information will be shared with the Royal Mail or our preferred courier in order that we can ship the order. Your email address will be used to confirm the order and to inform you that the goods are on the way. We will only use your phone number if we have a query with the order.

This information has been produced by the data controller team at ELECTROSAL. If you have any questions regarding it please get in touch with the customer service team, who will be glad to assist you.

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