7 Level Multilevel Inverter

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    7 Level Multilevel Inverter

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    This project presents the hardware implementation of the single phase  in seven level multilevel inverter using the Cascaded HBridge using Separated DC sources. The main objective of is to increases the number of levels with a lower number of switches at the output without adding any complexity to the power circuit.

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    A voltage controller, also called an AC voltage controller or AC regulator is an electronic module based on either thyristors, TRIACs, SCRs or IGBTs, which converts a fixed voltage, fixed frequency alternating current (AC) electrical input supply to obtain variable voltage in output delivered to a resistive load.

    Induction motor speed control is done by varying the frequency of the applied voltage. Raising or lowering the voltage can have some speed control effects but these will be small, difficult to control, load-dependent, possibly cause the motor to overheat and, are not generally recommended.

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    The system consists of obstacle detection sensors for receiving, processing, and sending signals to the alarm system which finally alerts the user for prompt action.

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    In this proposed system, two zero crossing detectors are used for detecting  zero crossing of voltage and current. The project is designed to minimize  penalty for industrial units  using automatic power factor correction unit. The PIC microcontroller used in this project .

    The time lag between the zero-voltage pulse and zero-current pulse is duly generated by suitable operational amplifier circuits in comparator mode is fed to two interrupt pins of a microcontroller. The program takes over to actuate appropriate number of relays from its output to bring shunt capacitors into load circuit to get the power factor till it reaches near unity.

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    Automatic Street Light Intensity Control Based On The IR Sensor Using Arduino

    7,500.00 6,600.00

    Nowadays the amount of power consumed by lighting and streets shares a major energy demand. The vehicles are passing over always and a part of places will be consisting of less dense areas and even no vehicle moments itself in few areas. But during the night all street lights will be on in a conventional street lighting system. To overcome this issue, proper energy-saving methods and lighting control are to be implemented.

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    Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot Using Arduino

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    A fire outbreak is a hazardous activity that leads to numerous consequences. Detecting a fire at an early stage and extinguishing it can aid in the prevention of various accidents. Till now we rely on human resources. This often leads to risking the life of that person. Therefore, fire security becomes an important aspect to save human lives. In this, a fire extinguishing robot has been proposed and designed which detects the fire location and extinguishes the fire by using sprinklers on triggering the pump. This robot uses flame sensors for accurate fire detection. This proposed model of Fire Extinguishing Robot using Arduino is used to detect the presence of fire and extinguish it automatically without any human interference. It contains gear motors and motor drivers to control the movement of the robot when it detects any presence of fire and will automatically start the water pump to extinguish that fire breakout. This model robot has a water ejector which is capable of ejecting water at the fire breakout place. The water ejector pipe can be moved in the required direction using a servo motor. The whole operation is controlled by an Arduino UNO.


    Fire-fighting is an important but dangerous occupation. A firefighter must be able to reach the situation quickly and safely extinguish the fire, preventing further damage and reducing fatalities. Technology has come to rescue this issue, fire-fighters and machines are now having more efficient and effective methods of fire fighting. This gives you the design idea of a fire-fighting robot using autonomous operation. The robotic vehicle is loaded with a fire extinguisher and a water pump which is controlled over the solenoid valve to throw water. An Arduino UNO is used for the desired operation. A water tank and fire extinguisher set up along with a water pump are mounted on the robot body and its operation is carried out from the output through the appropriate signal from the sensor. The whole operation is controlled by an Arduino UNO.


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    Camera Surveillance Robot Using DTMF Technology

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    The “DTMF-based robot” is controlled by a mobile phone that makes a call to another mobile phone attached to the robot. In the course of a call, if any button is pressed, a tone corresponding to the button pressed is heard at the other end of the call.

    This tone is called “Dual Tone Multiple-Frequency” (DTMF) tone. The robot perceives this DTMF tone with the help of the phone stacked on the robot. The received tone is processed by the ARDUINO with the help of an IC. The ARDUINO then transmits the signal to the motor driver ICs to operate the motors. Since this robot is controlled by dialing a call so we can also call it a DTMF-controlled robot.

    The transmitter section consists of another phone with a smartphone through an app called..Using a mobile phone we can generate DTMF tones which will be received by another mobile phone mounted on a robot after call connection.

    The mobile phone on the robot is connected to the Arduino controller and the output or Arduino is connected to the motor driver which helps the robot to move wirelessly.

    As we are using the internet the robot can be operated from any part of the world so, we need to see where the robot is moving, for which we are using the Airdroid app for monitoring through a camera inbuilt into the smartphone mounted on the robot.


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    Diesal Generator Body Leakage Current Measurment And Auto Switching Based On Leakage Current

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    The emergency diesel generators in a nuclear power plant have an important safety function-supplying emergency electrical power to maintain cooling and other vital functions. The research reviewed in this article addresses the safety implications of aging of these emergency diesel generators and the influence of aging on their reliability. Historical operational information was assembled on component and system failures and their causes. One significant research result is that the fast-starting and fast-loading test procedure mandated by Regulatory Guide 1.108 and the standard Technical Specifications has contributed to wear and degradation. Other equally important aging and degradation factors for the diesel generators are identified and reviewed. A new approach developed represents a more balanced aging management program that includes (1) slow-start testing during which operating parameters are monitored.

    (2) Analysis of data trends,

    (3) Training.

    (4) Maintenance.

    This approach should improve safety by identifying aging degradation that leads to fitture diesel generator failures. Timely maintenance could then prev*ent actualJafiures.


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    The implementation of distance measurement system using ultrasonic wavesThe scope of the project in future can be heightened by using high-frequency transducers to make it fit for medical applications like ultrasound machine

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    Finger Print Based Voting Machine

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    Fingerprint Voting System was implemented with the Arduino technology. In this System a voter can poll his vote easily. In this database server all voters’ information was stored to register in this system, the voter should fill a registration form with the help of a user id and password. This information will be checked by the database server.

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    In this project, we are varying the speed of the DC motor (BLDC motor) by GSM sim 800 for transmitting the message for variation of speed (increasing or decreasing) using the Arduino Uno microcontroller using embedded C-programming. In various industries, the DC motor is found very common as its properties are very found in industrial applications such as high efficiency, high torque ratio, reliability.it is hard to operate in industries as it requires high maintenance that’s why we are using gsm sim to vary its speed as it’s very profitable and we can operate from long distance.

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    In this project we give a special idea of industrial automation, and fault monitoring. Induction motors are the nerves of many industries. Hence industrial automation is required for precise and accurate operation. The project Arduino-based parameter monitoring system for induction motor proposes a control and monitoring system for induction motor based on Arduino communication protocol for safe and economic data communication in industrial fields. The current, voltage, and temperature of the induction motors are very important parameters for its control system. The performance of an induction motor is directly affected by these fundamental quantities.

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    The IOT industry protection system using smoke sensor,LDR sensor& IOTcontroller is a system designed to protect industries from losses due to accidents using Internet of things.

    Gas leakages may lead to fires leading to huge industrial losses, also instant fire detection is needed in case of furnace blasts or other conditions.

    Also low lighting in industries may create improper work conditions increasing the probability of accidents.

    The system makes use of smoke sensor, LDR sensor& IOT Controller to achieve this functionality.

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    The aim of this project is to give an innovative concept tohandle the bore well rescue operations. Nowadays child oftenfalls down in the borehole which is left uncovered and getstrapped. It is difficult and also risky to rescue the trappedchildren to aid in such rescue we proposed a system ofdesigning robots to the rescue of a child in a borehole.

    The structure consists of power supply, switch pad, gear motors,  concentrator, camera and Microcontroller.The condition of trapped child is captured with CCTV camera

    and monitored on a TV

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    The project is designed to monitor the number of persons entering as well as exiting a room. Electrical loads are switched ON as the first person enters and switches OFF when the last person leaves. IR sensors used in combination with microcontroller to monitor all the operations. This helps in saving lot of energy.

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    PIR Sensor Based Office Management

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    In this project our aim is to use Microcontroller for office management. This project presents design and implementation concepts for a office management. system based on microcontroller as central controllers. In this we have studied all technologies which are used for implementation for office management. In this dissertation, microcontroller is the crusial part.

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