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Ready-made Project + DIY Project Kit
If You Are An Enthusiast
. Ready-made project kit - All documentation (Report, PPT, Circuit diagram, Program code, explanatory video ), Audio and video call support, One year warranty. 13,200.00 12,200.00
Ready-made Project
If You Are Short On Time
Ready-made project kit - All documentation (Report, PPT, Circuit diagram, Program code, explanatory video ), Audio and video call support, One year warranty. 12,200.00 11,200.00
DIY Project Kit
For Institutions
DIY KIT - Bare PCB, solderable components, external all components, All documentation (Report, PPT, Circuit diagram, Program code, explanatory video ), Audio and video call support, 11,200.00 10,200.00
For Documentation
(Report, PPT, Circuit diagram, Program code, Explanatory Video). Audio call support. 3,000.00 2,000.00
For Simulation
Proteus Simulation file, Program Coad, Hex File, Explanatory Video, Google Meet Or Zoom Meet Support. 4,000.00 3,000.00


The hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) essentially uses two power sources to power the vehicle. At present, one power source is the internal combustion (IC) and the other is chemical batteries combined with an electric motor drive. In addition to these systems, we aim to incorporate solar charging assistance, for charging the battery module that powers the electric motor drive as well as regenerative braking. When certain criteria such as absence of the solar energy source coupled with a complete drain of the battery occurs, the internal combustion engine kicks in and the vehicle works just like a normal automobile. By adopting this approach, we can optimize both the operating life of the vehicle as well as reduce the emissions, thereby offering a much greener alternative to conventional automobiles.




Hybrid electrical vehicle is the project of last year’s engineering projects, BE final year engineering project. This project is used for the BE last year’s   Electronics, electrical   and Tele. Communication   department students. This project is a Electronics project. This project is electronics and Tele. Communication department students. This project is mini project.


Hybrid electrical vehicle    is the project of a good price for the engineering projects. It is a very comparative engineering project. It is a very good BE final year project. It is a project for Arduino   based project. This project is motorbased project as well as solar based project .

The engineering projects give in the ELECTROSAL HI- TECH PVT.LTD. The best place for the degree final year engineering projects as well as for   Electronics ,electrical, mechanical and   electronics and Tele. Communication students’ final year for the golden opportunity.

Hybrid electrical vehicle  is    an easy project and idea for the   electronics   , Mechanical ,electrical and Tele . Communication base students and 100% output is done.


  • This Project gives a design of more sophisticated safety features and means of monitoring the vehicles performance and drivers vitals.
  • The electric powertrain mayenhance fuel efficiency, increase performance, or independently propel the vehicle on pure electric power, depending on the type of hybrid system.



  • Arduino
  • Battery
  • Voltage regulator
  • LCD Display
  • Solar panel
  • DC Motor


  • Proteus
  • Arduino IDE
  • Eagle


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For Simulation, Ready-made Project + DIY Project Kit | If You Are An Enthusiast, Ready-made Project | If You Are Short On Time, DIY Project Kit | For Institutions, For Documentation, For PCB


  1. 5 out of 5

    Priyanka Khupire

    Electrosal Hi Tech pvt Ltd is one of the project centre. They provide practical based knowledge of project. Electrosal team are very good and experienced. Thanks electrosal.

  2. 4 out of 5

    Meghna Bomisetty (Andrapradesh )

    A great level of detail and understanding from these guys. I come from a power background personally, so I struggled a little with an electronic based project. However, Electrosal made this seamless. Through, easy communication and extremely compotent professionals. Highly recommended thanks.

  3. 5 out of 5

    sanket Khadare

    Online customer support by the electrosal support team is quite promising. They attended me and solved my doubt each time I made a video call.

  4. 4 out of 5

    Tanage patankar

    Well i got the AUTOMATIC POWER FACTOR CORRECTION USING ARDUINO project and i was surprised to see it delivered in such a good condition. I was afraid that sending a delicate circuit in through international shipping may damage it, but their packaging is extremely good.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Abdulrahman julfar (Dubai)

    My kit delivery was a day late but no problems since my submissions were late, well I surely learned a lot from this kit it has very detailed explanation documents and videos. Overall a nice experience.

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