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Ready-made Project + DIY Project Kit
If You Are An Enthusiast
Ready-made project kit, One more extra bare PCB solderable components for extra PCB, All documentation (Report, PPT, Circuit diagram, Program code, explanatory video ), Audio and video call support, and One year warranty. 7,700.00 6,700.00
Ready-made Project
If You Are Short On Time
Ready-made project kit - All documentation (Report, PPT, Circuit diagram, Program code, explanatory video ), Audio and video call support, One year warranty 6,700.00 5,700.00
DIY Project Kit
For Institutions
DIY KIT - Bare PCB, solderable components, external all components, All documentation (Report, PPT, Circuit diagram, Program code, explanatory video ), Audio and video call support, 5,700.00 4,700.00
For Documentation
(Report, PPT, Circuit diagram, Program code, Explanatory Video). Audio call support. 3,000.00 2,000.00
For Simulation
Proteus Simulation file, Program Coad, Hex File, Explanatory Video, Google Meet Or Zoom Meet Support. 4,000.00 3,000.00




Third eye for the blind is advancement with the  assistance  of the  multidiscipline subjects  like  software  engineering, hardware designing and which encourages  the visually impaired individuals to  explore with speed and certainty by recognizing the object and person close- by deterrents utilizing the assistance of ultrasonic waves  and inform them with a beep sound and audio assistance.  The influenced ones have been  utilizing the convention white stick for a long time which in spite of the fact that  being  powerful,  still  has  a  considerable  measure  of  weakness.  This  will  be  wearable  innovations  for  the blinds.  This  will  be  furnished  with  the  ultrasonic  sensors,  comprising  of  raspberry  pi  4  modules  with  camera. Utilizing the sensor,  outwardly hindered  can recognize  the articles around them and camera help to identifying  the object which can help can to travel effectively. At the point  when  the sensors  recognize  any question  it  will  inform  the  client  by  headset.  And  person  and  object  name will  recognize by  camera and output  by headset which can help to know about the object in front of client.  In  this  manner  this  is  a  computerized  gadget[1]. Accordingly this  gadget will  be of  an awesome use  for blinds and help them travel better places .Individuals with visual inabilities are frequently subject to outside help which can be given by people, prepared canines, or exceptional electronic gadgets as emotionally supportive networks for dynamic. The fundamental issue with daze individuals is the way to explore their approach to any place they need to go. This venture is intended to assist the visually impaired with conquering the absence of visual sense, by utilizing different faculties like sound and contact. The framework additionally comprises a ringer to produce a caution sound and to create vibration signals. The framework utilizes sound and vibration signs to advise the client about the forthcoming obstacles. As the distance between glove and snag diminishes, recurrence of both sound and vibration signal increments. Consequently, the framework assists with facilitating the routing cycle for the poor. This framework offers a minimal expense, solid, compact, low force utilization and strong answer for routes with self-evident short reaction time.



Third eye for blind person is the project of last year’s engineering projects, BE final year engineering project. This project is used for the BE last year’s   Electronics, electrical   and Tele. Communication   department students. This project is a Electronics project. This project is electronics and Tele. Communication department students. This project is mini project.

Third eye for blind person   is the project of a good price for the engineering projects. It is a very comparative engineering project. It is a very good BE final year project. It is a project for Arduino   based project. This project is sensor based project as well as buzzer  based project .

The engineering projects give in the ELECTROSAL HI- TECH PVT.LTD. The best place for the degree final year engineering projects as well as for   Electronics ,electrical and   electronics and Tele. Communication students’ final year for the golden opportunity.

Third eye for blind person   is    an easy project and idea for the   electronics   ,electrical and Tele . Communication base students and 100% output is done.


At the end of this project “The Third Eye for the Blind”, student involved shall be able to design a product which is very much useful to those people who are visually impaired and those who often have to rely on others..



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  1. 5 out of 5

    Tanage patankar

    Well i got the AUTOMATIC POWER FACTOR CORRECTION USING ARDUINO project and i was surprised to see it delivered in such a good condition. I was afraid that sending a delicate circuit in through international shipping may damage it, but their packaging is extremely good.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Bhargavi Dhonewadi

    Recently I purchased automatic power factor compensation project as final year project from electrosal company/website. I received it within a week. It wasn’t working properly so I decided to change it. I got a new working project in just a few days. However their support and services are very good. Project is very good with perfect output. Customer support is also very nice. I would like to thank Electrosal that I have successfully completed my final year project

  3. 4 out of 5

    kalpana Kole

    Highly skilled and experienced employees. Excellent and Innovative projects delivered/undertaken. Completely dedicated on doing quality products. Great to have a company in our region.

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