Automatic Cradle

Code 1012 Automatic Cradle

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In this project we have implemented concept that helps mothers. It consists of Wet sensor it senses wet bed nature and alerts mother to change bed. and Mic sensor  which senses crying sound of child sleeping in cradle and automatically starts swinging of cradle to make calm child.



This project consists of Cradle attached with Crank mechanism driven by High torque DC motor with necessary gear set.This mechanical hardware set is controlled by arduino controller circuit which consists of Mic sensor & wet sensor.When Baby sleeping in cradle cries mic senses sound and will start swinging of cradle; When baby wets bed wet senor mounted permanently below bed will sense wetness and gives signal to micro controller to alert mother with buzzer sound.


  • Automatic cradle starts to swing as soon as baby cries it will swing upto 10 minutes.
  • When baby wets bed alarm will turn on and will alert to mother.
  • No need of manpower to swing, it will help working mothers at less operating cost than maid.



  • High Torque DC Motor
  • Gear set
  • Controller Circuit
  • Cradle
  • Crank Mechanism
  • Mic
  • Buzzer
  • Wet Sensor


  • Arduino



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