Battery Operated Power Weeder Machine

Code 1017 Battery Operated Power Weeder Machine

20,000.00 18,000.00

In this project we have T shaped chassis on the limb of “T” We have mounted driving wheel of 30 cm dia. Driven by appropriate sprocket mounted on shaft between bearing blocks. On T driving motor is mounted and it is connected through chain. Three teeth plough is fabricated and attached to main frame. Plough has given adjustment facility so that depth of ploughing can be controlled. At rear end two support wheels are mounted. Motor is connected to battery through speed controller circuit and speed is controlled by throttle handle given in the form of cart handle.



This project aims at automation and modernisation in agricultural field. In this project we have using geared DC motor of 24 volt. By using this motor we have driven three wheeled cart on which three teeth plough is mounted its height can be adjusted by nut bolt. Motor is connected to driven wheel through appropriate teeth ratio so that we can achieve required speed and torque. Two 12 volt batteries are connected in series to achieve 24 volt. To control speed of cart speed controller is connected and speed is controlled by throttle. When cart moves forward land is ploughed


  • Clean and Green Energy.
  • Adjustable Plough Depth.
  • Speed can be controlled with Throttle.
  • Easy to handle operate.
  • Less Maintenance.



  • Frame
  • Wheel
  • 12 V Batteries
  • 24V DC Motor
  • Chain-Sprocket
  • Plough
  • Speed Controller




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