Battery Operated Tiller Machine

Code 1018 Battery Operated Tiller Machine

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In this project we have implemented automation in agricultural tilling process. Tilling process includes removing unwanted weeds from farm and also sand needs to be perforated  so that atmospheric air flows through sand. Here we have designed a single wheel cart that is driven by motor with battery. This cart pulls tiller tool as directed by operator.



In this project we have designed & fabricated tiller tools driven by electric DC motor. It contains 24 V DC motor connected by battery of appropriate battery set.single wheel mounted between bearings and driven by chain sprocket mechanism at the back side of wheel tilling attachment. 24 volt DC MOTOR IS CONNECTRD TO WHEELS THROUGH BATTERY. AND SPEED CONTOLLWED.  Tiller toolis attached at back side. When battery is attached at back side of cart. When power is made on cart moves in forward direction and tiller tills land.


  • Clean and Green Energy.
  • Adjustable Plough Depth.
  • Speed can be controlled with Throttle.
  • Easy to handle operate.
  • Less Maintenance.



  • Frame
  • Wheel
  • 12 V Batteries
  • 24V DC Motor
  • Chain-Sprocket
  • Plough
  • Speed Controller




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