Android controlled home appliances using arduino

Code 416 Android controlled home appliances using arduino

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Ready-made Project
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The world is moving fastly towards automation. People have less time to handle any work so automation is a simple way to handle any device or machine that will work to our desire. This paper’s aim is to develop and design Home automation using Arduino with Bluetooth module. Home automation system gives a simple and reliable technology with Android application. Home appliances like fan, Bulb, AC, automatic door lock are controlled by a Home automation system using Arduino Uno with Bluetooth module. The paper mainly focuses on the monitor and control of smart home by Android phone and provide a security-based smart home, when the people does not present at home. This paper motive is controlled home appliances in smart home with user friendly, design at low cost, simple installation.

Electronic devices and appliances have become very common in this recent year of technology especially with the fast development of smartphones. In this paper, the design of the Home Automation System compatible with Local housing and good features for home automation via remote access is presented. Bluetooth Based Home Automation System Using Android and Arduino is design and implemented. In this research work, a part of smart home technology that using Bluetooth in a mobile device is used, so it will cheap and efficient to use. The system included three main components: an Arduino microcontroller for connecting the appliances, a Bluetooth module for signal transfer, and a Smartphone with the Android application to control home appliances. Bluetooth communication technology and controlled system are that the operating range is low but it can be controlled from anywhere inside of the home, By using smartphone application we can control household appliances.

By using this system, our home automation works smartly by providing increased quality of life and comforts to users. Keywords: Bluetooth Wireless Technology, Smartphone’s, Home Automation System, Arduino Uno, Android, Bluetooth Module


Android controlled home appliances using arduino is the project of last year’s engineering project, BE final year engineering project. This project is used for BE last year electrical, electronics, core electrical department students is used. This project is core electronics based project. This project is use for the electrical students. This projects is Bluetooth based projects

Android controlled home appliances using arduino .it is a very comparative engineering project and electrical project electronics project. It is a very good BE core electrical final year and diploma final year core electronics based is project for arduino based project idea for the electrical projects is a android based project.

The engineering projects give in the ELECTROSAL HI- TECH PVT.LTD. The best place for the degree and diploma final year engineering projects as well as for electrical students ‘electronics student final year for the golden opportunity.

Android controlled home appliances using arduino is an easy project and idea for the electrical degree and diploma and electronics base students & 100% output is done.


  • Bluetooth based.
  • Home automation.
  • Comfort to the user.
  • Smart home.



  • Arduino UNO.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Relay
  • ULN 2003
  • LCD
  • Transformer
  • Bridge rectifier
  • Voltage regulator


  • Arduino UNO IDE.
  • Eagle.
  • Proteus.


Additional information

Weight1.8 kg
Dimensions30 x 30 x 10 cm

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    suhas baje

    this project is very good project and working will be properly.

  2. 4 out of 5

    Neha Pojare

    I ordered this project for my final year project demo. When I was going for testing this project was worked very nicely. Thank you Electrosal for helping me.

  3. 4 out of 5

    Shrinivas Tupadale

    Great knowledgeable team, We got full support till the final Run. Special Thanks to Sonali mam for support to run the project.

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